Since 1999, Mr. Elwyn Seay has managed the breeding program, which has focused on big typical Texas bucks. From his first 200+ buck, Awesome, to the current herd of 2-year-old bucks, the breeding program specializes on the large spread, tall tines and typical antlers that whitetail hunters want to see in their crosshairs.

The ranch sells stocker bucks and bred does to over 50 Texas hunting ranches. Additionally, many ranches send their does to SMR in the fall for careful & successful artificial insemination (AI) work, which is Sierra Mesa Ranch’s hallmark reputation.

Four breeder bucks currently live at Sierra Mesa Ranch: Dream Warrior, Fully Charged, and Maxster.

Beginning in the October timeframe, does are received at SMR in preparation for the AI work that typically occurs in November. Timing and careful handling ensure the best possible environment for successful AI outcomes. Dr. Dennis Gourley, Elite Genetics, Inc. performs most of the AI work. Bred does can be picked up following the AI work or delivered back to your hunting ranch in the following February/March timeframe.

In 2015, SMR began offering sexed semen AI through a relationship with the world’s leading provider of sexed semen sorting, Sexing Technologies in Navasota, TX.

Through the breeder bucks and artificial insemination, 108 fawns were born in the summer of 2015. They are all at least 4th generation 200+ B&C. We expect about 120 fawns to be born in the summer of 2016. If you’re interested in purchasing stocker bucks, bred does or fawns, email Rob: [email protected].